Common questions when using the TalenX Platform

General FAQs

  • Make sure you complete the assessment using an up-to-date web browser. We recommend Google Chrome.
  • Only use the back button within the TalenX Personality Inventory. Avoid using the back button on your web browser.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

TalenX Personality Inventory

The aim of accommodation is to provide candidates with an equally fair opportunity to complete the assessments to the best of his/her ability and ensure quality. Therefore, accommodations can be provided on an individualised basis.

All accommodation requests for the TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) should be made directly to the employer you are applying to.

TalenX will then work with the employer to provide the necessary accommodations for the TPI.

TalenX will maintain the confidentiality of the information related to the candidate’s accommodation requests, and will only disclose the information with his/her consent.

TalenX Science

The TalenX Personality Inventory measures 8 types of talents: Analyser, Innovator, Organizer, Adaptor, Go-Getter, Leader, Persuader, and Team Player.

Each talent correspondence to a characteristic in workplace behaviours that is/would be needed to be successful in a wide range of jobs and workplace environments.

A person’s talent is determined by a unique combination of their behaviours, motivations, and personality.